If you have minor cosmetic dental flaws, dental contouring is a conservative treatment option that may be the perfect choice for your smile. Also referred to as tooth reshaping, dental contouring in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the process by which slight modifications are made to the shape of your tooth for a more attractive smile. Dr. Tyler P. Lasseigne, our practiced dentist, may suggest dental contouring to even out the length of your teeth, to create the illusion of straightness, and to repair slightly overlapped or chipped teeth. Dental contouring is also sometimes used to reduce the harsh appearance of particularly pointed cuspids.

Our dental team at Esthetic Associates is committed to helping you feel as comfortable as possible during dental contouring. Quick and painless, dental contouring can be completed in just one visit to our office. We will use a variety of sanding, buffing, and abrasion techniques to gently remove small layers of your tooth enamel. We utilize dental X-rays to guide us in this process. When all necessary changes have been made, the tooth is polished to a smooth, beautiful shine. If you are interested in learning how dental contouring can improve the appearance of your smile, we welcome you to call our dental office to speak with a member of our friendly dental team. We are happy to answer all of your questions and to schedule your consultation with Dr. Tyler P. Lasseigne.